Pizza Pizza

May 3, 2016.

Hey guys this week has been a very busy one for me. Between personal issues and AP world history studying that have consumed most of my time, the rest of the day I spend babysitting or relaxing. This week I’m changing the blog up. Instead of an adventure to a new place in adventuring into making pizza.

The idea came when we ran out of time to make homemade pasta and had some left over Trader Joes pizza dough and sauce to use. Plus I love pizza and making it myself is so much fun.

The first steps that had to be done were setting all the ingredients out in bowls to pick from when making your pizza. The second step was letting the pizza dough sit out in order to become room temperature and easy to mold in a sense.

Step three was the hardest part. The part where you had to form the dough in a pizza shape and make it thin. Not all pizzas need to be round though, clearly mine is some sort of organic rectangular shaped pizza. The most fun step, step four. Step four is where the sauce and toppings go on.

First the sauce right on top of the dough. On my pizza I divided it into two sides, one side had marinara/ pizza sauce on it and the other side had pesto sauce on it. I did this because I couldn’t decide which one was better and which I wanted, so I compromised! A little bit of both, it also made the pizza look very cool.


On top of the sauce goes the cheese, we used fresh grated Mozzarella cheese for ours. Our options for our next pizza topping layers were prosciutto slices, olives, and basil. Usually we have a larger selection like pepperoni slices but this was an easy last minute kind of dinner.
My pizza had prosciutto slices, basil and a touch of olives on one slice (that was my branching out part.) Sara put basil, olives and some cooked brussel sprouts. Lately I have gotten used to brussel sprouts and almost enjoyed them, growing up my dad would call them “little green balls from hell.” Chases pizza was simple, only cheese, prosciutto and olives. In the end they all tasted super yummy though!


Step five is to bake your pizza, at about four hundred degrees for roughly ten minutes. Some pizzas cook faster than others and unevenly. While the pizza is in the oven make sure to keep checking on it, they can burn.

When your pizza is cooked all the way, carefully take it out with oven mitts. The baking sheet or pizza stone, whichever you have at home or prefer, is going to be very hot. Set it down on top of the stove and let it cool down for at least five minutes. After the five minutes is up and the pizza is cool slide it onto a cutting board, slice and serve.

Pizza is an easy and fun meal to make with the whole family. Plus picky eaters are easy to accommodate. I recommend making pizza with your family soon!

Have you ever made your own pizza?


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