Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice Beach



April 13, 2016. also.

After the wax museum and our stupid parking ticket, we were unsure of where our LA adventure would take us next.

Because the LACMA was closed, I still wanted to visit a respectable art museum in our day. A little research later and we found the Broad Museum. It was a half hour drive from where we were and my excitement was going to be worth it. Until the next disappointment that day. Here it is folks, prepared to be saddened once again. Arriving at the Broad we had to find parking. In the parking structure we were about to take a ticket to enter the structure when the parking attendant asked if we has already pre-bought our tickets into the museum. Our answer was no because the idea to visit was a late and unplanned one. He informed us that they has closed the museums standby ticket line for the day because it was too busy and booked for the rest of the day. Darn!

At the end of the day I’m halfway glad that we didn’t get into the broad because I got to experience a whole new place that I had never heard about.

And what is that place you may be thinking… none other than Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, California!

Sara came up with the idea and although we were far from it after our unneeded detour, we used the handy dandy Waze app for Iphone to get us to Abbot Kinney in speedy time. We drove through downtown LA to the freeway North to the neighborhood streets of Venice in order to get there. Enjoy these photos of skyscrapers in LA:

DSC_0548 DSC_0542

The opening photo to this blog post is exactly what I saw when I stepped out of the car in a small parking alley in Venice. Painted on the side of a home turned art store was two women in old style bathing suits. It was a great start to my adventure and experience there.

The pure joy that I felt to explore this street is going to be difficult to put in words, but I’m definitely going to try. If you fell that it wasn’t the best, Explore Abbot Kinney yourself and see how amazing it is!

Sara explained the style of Abbot Kinney as “hipster before hipster was cool.” And that seems right to me. It is a kind of hipster that won’t go out of style or change because a new trend may come up. They have their own style and it differentiates the area from the rest of LA. That’s one of the things that made it so attractive. They will continue to be as they are even if all people don’t enjoy it. Of course things will change because the stores have to be geared to customers to buy things. But Abbot Kinney Boulevard will forever be special.

DSC_0617 DSC_0619

We hopped out of the car and found the nearest bathroom, which happened to be at the restaurant called Greenleaf. After using their bathroom we walked down the street to take a look at the shops around. Shops varied from what they sold like clothing and plants to food and beverages along the street. But one thing stayed the same, everything was very expensive!

A bathing suit top from one store was over $100 dollars and after seeing that it was in my best interest to not touch anything in fear of breaking it!

Abbot Kinney had many different looks to the shops. Some had plants growing on the outside walls of the business, like the Todd Reed building shown above. Or the giant yellow triangle painted on the front of a white house shop. Each business had its own little special touch to it, no one building looked like the one next door or the one down the street.


The street had hidden characteristics to it, like small details that would pop out at you. Or small creative additions to walls. Check out this mirror below, it reads in a creative way “you’re beautiful.”


We wandered the street in and out of shops for a long time. It was so easy to go from one store to the next checking out what they had for sale, although we didn’t buy anything. Chase was hungry and we decided to sit down somewhere to eat and rest. We asked a store owner for a recommendation on where to eat and ended up at a pizza place. The food smelt goo but there was no where to sit down and it was loud and busy. The vote was to find a quieter place and sit. My idea: Greenleaf. And that’s where we ended up!

DSC_0582 DSC_0586

The atmosphere was friendly and inviting, the space was clean and not as busy as the pizza shop. I made my own entree with steak, a garden salad and sweet potato fries. The cashier was new to the restaurant but so nice and recommended some ideas to us.

It felt nice to finally sit down and relax after standing and walking all day long. When our food came we were all so excited to eat after a while. For a food five minutes our table was silent and eating away.


After filling our bellies as full as possible, we walked down the opposite side of Abbot Kinney Blvd to check out the other shops. We went into shops like a stationary shop, a crystal shop and a clothing Coachella-ish shop. then we found these pretty funny and cool signs that were set up outside shops to attract customers.


When the time felt right and our stomachs had somewhat settled it was ice cream time! We chose a small ice cream parlor that looked semi old school and appealing. When we first walked in and smelt the waffle cones being made we knew our choice was perfect. The ice cream parlor was named Salt&Straw.


Salt&Straw had a very friendly and light atmosphere. The smell inside was to die for, there’s no way possible to step in there without getting some ice cream. The man that scooped our ice creams name was Brett, Brett let us each try about five flavors before deciding on which one to buy. My choice was a waffle cone with a scoop of sea salt caramel on the bottom and honey lavender scoop on top.

Sea salt caramel is my go-to flavor of all time. At first I was skeptical of the honey lavender flavor but thought it was a good idea, my taster of it didn’t bring me to a yes or no conclusion about the flavor. I was sold on it after eating a whole scoop of it, I can’t wait to go back and get some more.


The first bit of my ice cream brought literal tears to my eyes, I couldn’t contain my love and excitement for this ice cream. We all wanted so badly to buy a pint of their ice cream to take home but the two or so hour car ride home would have destroyed . GUESS WE’LL JUST HAVE TO GO BACK FOR MORE SOON!

Have you ever found a street with a whole new feel from whats around it like Abbot Kinney Boulevard? Comment below!




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