Nira Camping


March 26, 2016.

The minute 6th period soccer ended, it was go time! Go time for camping and spring break.

I haven’t been camping in so long and was so excited to get away. Plus a bonus was that my neighbors, brother and I were going camping that I had never been before. My neighbors had been there multiple times before and a friend we were meeting there used to go all the time as a kid. I was explained that it was about an hour away and super beautiful, spoiler alert it was so beautiful!

We had planned to leave home at 3 pm but Graham got caught up at work and didn’t get home until around 5 pm. So we left at about 5:30 pm and raced up to the campsite to avoid setting up in the dark.

Throughout the drive we blasted the newest hits and sang all we knew. We were even able to sneak some Katy Perry in between the Twenty One Pilots and Justin Beiber, before the boys heard and screamed for it to be turned off. The drive was nothing unusual for me until we got off San Marcos Pass, then the really fun part of the drive started. I had no idea where this “Nira” camp was at but the road we pulled off on was familiar, I had driven the whole thing through about two times and it was a very cool one. Halfway down the road we turned off and started heading back to the mountains.

DSC_0009 (1)



Past horses, vineyards, barns and houses on large properties will long driveways and big gates. We didn’t see many humans on the drive up except for one biker, a walker, and a couple cars. It was strange to me when we saw the first car because it was driving in reverse and then a man ran under a bridge, weird! Along the way up we also saw many cars parked in the bushes and along the road. It was about a 45 minute drive way back into the mountains: through Happy Canyon, up the steep and windy roads and next to the cliffs.

We made it just in time to set up the tent and beds before it got dark! Mission one completed. It was good to get out of the car, stretch your legs, breathe the fresh air and see good friends who beat us there! You can imagine what one car with six people, a stinky dog, food and camping supplies for two days looks like… PACKED LIKE A CAN OF SARDINES. After we got to work and set the tent up, it was playtime, adventure time and time to relax with awesome people!


The rest of the night was spent in the creek, by the fire, eating dinner, playing with the toddlers and roasting marshmallows!

More to come about camping next week, stay tuned!!! 🙂


Do you enjoy to camp?


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