A Rainy Day Stroll


March 7, 2016.

There is a sense of fearlessness, security and bravery in these moments. 

It started out as a normal day. Got up, went to school, sat in classes, listened to teachers, did what they said, blah, blah, blah. As many young people know to be a normal day, nothing unusually great or unusually bad. The life of a teenage in high school is most times similar to all.

But that day my life felt a little different, in a good way. It felt a little bit more me. A little bit happier. A little bit more open. It felt fantastic.


The good part started after school.

My friends Oakleigh and Faith met up after school and wanted to something fun, as always. At Oakleigh’s house we were sitting in her kitchen and eating because that’s what teenagers do when they are bored. Before I got a stomach ache from the sugar, I had an idea that if we get out of the house, then we’ll think of something to do and at least not be eating junk food. Fifteen minutes later we ended up in the car headed to Butterfly Beach.

On the way we scream-sang country love songs and didn’t mind when people starred at us at stop lights. When we arrived at Butterfly, we had no ambition to get out of the car yet, so we sat and sang at the top of our lungs again.


Oakleigh having a bast singing!

Sitting in the car I felt alive (as cheesy as it sounds). It was refreshing to see a group of girls so comfortable together and not giving a care in the world about what other people thought. Three good songs and painful to hear singing later we got out of the car.


Rainy, gloomy, windy, chilly but couldn’t be more beautiful. Besides the rain itself, the sunny brisk day after the rain is one of my favorite times. The ocean was multicolored (shown in the opening photo), from the rain. The rain washes all the items of trash and oil into the water. Dirty water and ocean water create the brown and green layers. It is not recommended to swim in the ocean after a rain to avoid getting sick. Although, that would have been fun!

We walked along the beach and had a long detailed life conversation. This conversation was the highlight of my day. Being heard and understood is always a good feeling, and that’s exactly what it was. We all had similar views on subjects yet had our own voice and added our thoughts and personal experiences into the conversation. We laughed, heard each other out and thought about life in a mature way. Our minds were a blank and open canvas, I loved that. 

Looking back on that conversation and afternoon from days later it still makes me feel good. I realized that this group of girls, Oakleigh and Faith, are amazing people and ones that I will always want to surround myself with. They listen to me, help me, support me and most of all love me for who I am. What’s better than that in life?

Our heartfelt walk took us down the beach and back to the car. Finding my childish side in my rain boots, of course I splashed in the puddles!



The rest of the day was spent with some girl time: movies and ice cream 🙂

What kind of conversation leaves a lasting impression in your mind?





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