6:30am Tide Pooling


February 27, 2016.

The idea came from me at around 9 pm Friday night. A wild, long shot, fun idea. TIDE POOLING! I checked the local tide charts and found out that the first low tide of Saturday at 6:30 am. “Oh no,” I thought to myself, “my friends will never be up for waking up at 6 am to go to the beach and walk in the sand and water.” From that point on, I gathered three adventurous friends and first got them into the idea of tide pooling before I let the cat out of the bag about the time that this adventure was going to take place at.

Ring. Ring. Ring. My alarm clock goes off at 6:00 am sharp! I opened my eyes and turned the awful sound ,of being awoken abruptly, off. I laid back down in my bed, which was not one of my best ideas but seemingly happens every morning. I had to tell myself that I had to get out of bed, dressed and out of the house in order to have fun and that it would all be worth it once I got out of my bed. Somehow it worked and I efficiently got ready and ran outside when Drew pulled up to my house at 6:20. Shout out to Drew Jones for having the seat heater on when I hopped in his car!


6:30 am crashing waves.

On our way to the beach we picked up Carlee at her house and stopped Starbucks for a much needed boost in the morning. After a quick visit to the coffee shop, which was seemingly full for 6 am on a Saturday morning, we preceded to Mesa Lane. Mesa Lane is a street on the Mesa in Santa Barbara that has steps to the beach at the end of it. To the locals its only known as “Mesa Lane.”

The air was cold and slightly breezy when we stepped out of the car at Mesa Lane. This was the second hardest part of my morning, number one being getting myself out of bed. From the street you walk about one hundred or so feet to the top of the stairs. Let me inform you that these are no little flight of stairs to the beach. These are many many stairs descending down the cliff, that half way down you regret it because you are going to have to walk up them later, to the beach stairs.


Mesa Lane stairs with a view.

Once we finished the “hike” down the stairs we were finally at the beach, HOORAY. Despite the cold and sleepiness that I felt, I made the best of my time at the beach that morning.  I took in the early morning beauty and admired the beautiful place that I live in.

My tide charts were wrong! I have used the same website before for the tide and it was spot on. I guess not today, which was a real big bummer. The tide was low, I’ll give the website that. But the tide was not low enough to have good tide pooling like I had hoped and planned for. We still stayed and walked for about 45 minutes down the beach in the tide.DSC_0238

Along the way we didn’t find sea animals like we wished for, but found pretty shells and sea glass. I am a big fan of sea glass and fell behind the group of Carlee, Drew, and Oakleigh because of my need to pick up every tiny piece I found and wipe the sand off and place it in my pocket to take home and add to my collection. Rock skipping lessons from Drew also took place on our beach walk.


We walked down the beach for 45 min until our feet were sore from the rocks and decided it was a good time to turn around. The walk back to the stairs felt much quicker than the walk away from the stairs, as things like that almost always do. It was a sweet walk with a rude awakening at the end… the stairs! With all the might I had in me at 7:30 am, I did a pretty good job getting myself to the top of the stairs and from there to the car.


From the car on we all went back to Drew’s house and watched a movie, being as sleepy as we all still were.

Thankfully my amazing friends were into the idea and didn’t care too much about waking up early to spend time together alongside the ocean. What’s your favorite early morning activity?



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