A Wilcox Bike Ride


February 23, 2016.

It was a Wednesday, a lovely Wednesday.

It was after school that day, Carlee and I decided to go on a bike ride together. I had suggested biking to meet up and biking to the Douglas Preserve or otherwise called the Wilcox Property. I ran my idea by Carlee and we decided to meet up near her house, I soon ran into a big problem with that plan.


My pink beach cruiser bike had not been ridden since about summertime, when everyday I would ride it everyday to Santa Barbara City College near my house to attend a Spanish 101, a college level class. That class had finished about 5 months prior to this adventure and the bike had not been taken out of the garage since. The tires were flat but I thought that they would be fine to ride after I pumped them up. After three good times of pumping both tires up, two minutes later they would be flat again. This was so frustrating to me and I told Carlee that I would drive my car to meet her at the Preserve.

Around 3:45 pm we both arrived at the Borton Road entrance to the park. Being as indecisive as Carlee and I are, the many different paths and areas of the park started a five minute confusion time on where to go first and what to do. I wanted to see the ocean, Carlee on the other hand didn’t mind but wanted interesting scenery. We found a path down a cliff and that became our starting point!


The path we found was steep, full of lose dirt and dusty. Cautious and slow was our exact game plan to reach the ledge on the cliff. Luckily we made it down and experienced the amazing view at the bottom. I could have spent all hours, of everyday watching the waves and wide roll in countless times.


DSC_0211 (2)

It was a challenge to take in all the beauty around me. First, the green (from the past rain) cliff side behind us and under our feet. Second, the beach below the cliff was low tide enough to see the green mossy rocks when the timing was right. Third and most of all, the waves. In my sixteen years of living in Santa Barbara and being next to the ocean almost everyday of my life, had I ever seen such mesmerizing waves. They rolled to the sand in large sets, most of them being only three feet but couldn’t be more beautiful. There was a slight breeze through the park that caused a bit of water to spray off of each wave and it added a magical feel to the tossing and turning of the waves.

Engulfed in the breathtaking view of the waves from the ledge, it left just about no time to explore the rest of Wilcox’s before sun down. Although we wanted to watch the sunset from the cliff it was a school night and there was till homework and dinner to be had before it got too late. We hiked back up the cliff and Carlee rode her bike back to my car as I walked behind.


The Douglas Family Preserve/ Wilcox Property is a public park for everyone to enjoy. Many locals enjoying walking their dog in the off-leash area with the added bonus of the ocean and Channel Island view. Almost every time you visit you will see over five people running, biking or exercising around you. Its clean space and large land makes Wilcox stand out from the other parks around town.

Would a bike ride through Wilcox be your cup of tea?


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