February Harbor Paddle Boarding


Carlee’s concentrating while paddle boarding on her knees.

February 8, 2016

The final bell for school rang at 3pm and after a long day of history, math and concentrating, I was ready to relax and take in the peaceful ocean air. What better than paddle boarding at the Santa Barbara Harbor?

The sun was high in the sky on this beautiful day. My friend, Carlee, and I ran home, grabbed our bathing suits and headed for the harbor. Winter in Santa Barbara is like no other place. To many people it may seem silly to be in bathing suits in early February, but in SB there is just no other way.

blogphoto5 blogphoto7

We parked, walked through Marina 1 to The Leadbetter boat, put the paddle board into the water and climbed on. It’s not easy stuff, paddle boarding takes balance, muscle and concentration. After finding our “sea legs” or “paddle boarding legs,” we paddled around the harbor.

Since the 1930s, the Santa Barbara Harbor has been home to sail boats, power boats and sea life. One of my favorite parts of the SB harbor are the people. Everyone has a friendly look, a giant smile and a smell like the ocean. Another thing is every boat in the harbor has its own personality that is one of a kind. Between its name, paint, size and owners, they all give you a different feel when you pass them.


Carlee in the waves of the Sandspit.

After and hour of paddling around the fingers of boats in the harbor, we beached the paddle board on the sand of the Sand Spit. A popular local spot to surf, the Sandspit is at the end of the breakwater and a short walk from restaurants and shops. We chased birds, watched friends surf, and picked up hermit crabs. Carlee and I tried to brave the waves but at this time of year the water is a bit too cold for our liking, unless we wear our wet suits. The sun was going down around 5:15pm which was our cue to head back to the boat, clean up and head home. Through the sadness of going back to reality, we had the pleasure of watching the sunset gorgeously through the masts of the boats on the way back to the car.


Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports around currently, would you be interested in trying?


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